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Visa solutions for retaining employment of foreign nationals

With over ten years’ experience in assisting Australian Hospitals and Aged Care facilities with visa solutions and international nursing recruitment, One World has a demonstrated track record in providing cost-effective nursing solutions that involve no agency or recruitment fees.

One World Migration specialise in visa solutions for nursing staff to Queensland Health and are the preferred supplier of migration services to many leading aged care facilities.

Recruiting Nurses from the United Kingdom

An alternative solution we provide that's currently working for many Australian healthcare providers is to recruit skilled overseas registered nurses who want a career in the acute sector or aged care or other specialist healthcare areas required in Australia.

There can be many benefits for Health Care Providers recruiting nursing staff from overseas: It is more cost-effective than agency staff, the nurses work full-time for up to 4 years giving the employer the benefit of staff retention, a real sustained team identity for colleagues and a sustained continuity for patient care planning.

Most registered nurses we assist have already pursued their careers internationally, becoming competent in making the transition to different countries. These nurses are now looking to Australia to continue their careers and their skill level and dedication to previous employers is testament to their character and long term career goals, evidenced in their work references.

Nurses selected from overseas are career nurses with a lot of experience to put forward and are very gracious to be offered the opportunity to progress their vocation in this country.

A nurse can be sponsored from overseas if the position offered is a minimum 38 hours per week and paid at least the award salary. Essentially, what an Australian in the same position would earn.

One World Migration are experienced in facilitating successful employee recruitment drives in the United Kingdom on behalf of State and leading private Queensland healthcare providers.

We are a registered Australian Migration Consultancy. All Immigration paperwork and compliance issues are handled 100% by us on behalf of both the employer and the successful employee. There is no need for your staff to spend any time on any of this paperwork.

Advertising and initial screening of candidates is completely at our cost and labor. We source nurses for both regional and rural Australia. Our nurses coming from the UK enter into an agreement with us to ensure they have medical insurance when they arrive, all our nurses' employer-references are checked by us and we ensure that they are registered with the applicable Nursing Boards of Australia.

In short, our nurses arrive prepared and comfortable for their new positions. We handle all travel logistics, including visas, transport, TRN's and help with scouting suitable accommodation.

Because we are networked with both aged care facilities and hospitals across Australia, we offer real support for our client’s employer-obligations when recruiting nursing staff from overseas.

Feel free to contact us and see how your healthcare facility could significantly benefit from our recruitment, visa solutions and staff retention initiatives.


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