Independent Visas

Independent Visa

Independent Visas (Subclass 189) and State Sponsored Visas (Subclass 190)

If you're working in a job on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and you also meet the requirements around your age, level of English language, training and work experience, you can apply for a Skilled Independent visa based on a calculation of points.

You can also apply for an independent visa by being sponsored by an immediate family member who is a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. As long as your sponsor is a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, your sponsor for an independent visa application can also be a spouse, a person you are engaged to be married to or a de facto (common-law) partner.

Independent visas can be applied for in both temporary and permanent residence visas. The temporary visas usually allow applicants a certain amount of time within the country working up their skill sets, after which many applicants are then able to transition to a permanent residency visa.

One World Migration specialises in pathways to permanent residency in Australia.

We offer many years experience and expertise in Independent Visa pathways, either through family or via a skills-based application. Our dedicated team are here to help.

  •   Guidance from experienced Australian residency experts

  •   Comprehensive eligibility assessments ensuring work experience meets the criteria to be awarded points

  •   Skills assessments organised for Tradespersons and Professionals

  •   Expressions of interest prepared

  •   Visa applications prepared and lodged by government certified migration agents

  •   In-depth specialist guidance on International police certificates

Skills Assessment

We have a great deal of experience assisting applicants undergo skills assessments in Australia or in their home countries. We have assisted a great many varied occupations through this complex process including nurses, tradesmen, chefs and engineers. We can ensure you meet all these requirements to have your overseas qualifications and work experience recognised in Australia.

Give your visa application every chance of success!

We offer straight-talking, no nonsense, expert advice. We are trained, government registered, migration agents and our advice and visa services are based on Australian law - with so much more knowledge than you'll find on the government website.

We see the whole picture and care about your future.

Our people have ten years of industry-related experience, over 6 years as MARA certified migration specialists.

Let an Australian residency expert guide you.

The more qualified and experienced you are in your profession will have a bearing on your application for permanent residency. But because the application is points-based, there are almost always ways to boost your points in other areas, for instance some Australian states award more points to attract people with particular skills those states need. We are here to provide the help and advice you need whether applying skills based or from a family sponsored. Call us on 07 55967 800.

AUSTRALIAN 189 / 190 / 820 / 801 / 309 / 100 / 300 VISA

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