Employer Nominated Permanent Residence

Employer Nominated Permanent Residence Visa

Employer sponsored permanent residency applications prepared and lodged by Australian Residency experts.

If you're a skilled overseas employee, it's possible for your employer to sponsor your application for permanent residence in Australia. Whether you're already working in Australia on a temporary visa or have been hired by an Australian business while living in your home country, you and your eligible family members can apply for permanent residency in Australia based on your skills and experience.

A successful application with allow you to live, work and study in Australia indefinitely.

Let an Australian residency expert guide you.

There are three elements to consider in a successful employer sponsored application for permanent residency. The first is the employer's eligibility to sponsor you and their ability to fulfil criteria set down by the Australian government; the second is the criteria for the job you will be doing and lastly, an application for a visa for yourself and dependants. Although this can be a complicated process, One World Migration are trained and experienced to assist both you and your Australian employer assess and demonstrate the requirements for this process.

We offer many years experience and expertise in employer nominated permanent residence applications. Our dedicated team help you:

  •   We assist Australian employers through the process to legally employ you.

  •   We ensure your job meets the same terms, conditions and fair pay an Australian citizen would receive.

  •   Our experienced visa professionals are there every step of the way as we assess all aspects of your application and lodge the application on your behalf.

Join the hundreds of success stories of employer sponsored applicants enjoying permanent residency in Australia with One World Migration.

Give your visa application every chance of success!

We offer straight-talking, no nonsense, expert advice at some of the most competitive rates across South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We are trained, government registered, migration agents and our advice and visa services are based on Australian law - with so much more knowledge than you'll find on the government website.

We see the whole picture and care about your future. Our people have ten years of industry-related experience, over 6 years as MARA certified migration specialists and our organisation is networked with universities, colleges and employment opportunities across Australia.

Let an Australian residency expert guide you.

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Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)